I’m a firm believer in a holistic approach
to health and fitness in an experiential and
immersive space. As an industry innovator
my goal is to continue to create
community around wellness!


Talent Acquisition & Team Build


Fitness Programming Creation & Implementation


Event Planning/ Workshops


Multi-Channel Marketing & Sales


Culture Creation


Branding & Messaging

Ann Marie Barbour, The Mine, Towson, Baltimore / The Mine

“I hired a program director for each studio so they function almost as though they’re standalone studios”

Meeting of the Mines

Ann Marie Barbour chats Operations, Opening Your Doors and Breaking the Mold in Baltimore

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Health Club Management

“I hired a program director for each
studio so they function almost as though
they’re standalone studios”

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The Fitness Business

Ann Marie Barbour the co-founder of Soul
Body LLC and Co-Creator of SoulBody Barre,
SoulBody Barre…

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Glofox Podcasts

Ann Marie Barbour on Building a Fitness
Programming Business From The Ground Up

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The Fitness Founders

In this episode of the Glofox Fitness Founders
Podcast, we are joined by Ann Marie Barbour,
the founder of SoulBody, company that…

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Halo Podcasts

A lot of people . . . just look for a platform. We say, pause a second, think about what’s your content strategy and what you’re trying to…

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Halo Podcasts

No wall-mounted barre? No problem! These co-founders adopted and scaled an incredibly popular concept that helps big-box gyms…

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Ann Marie Barbour, The Mine, Towson, Baltimore / The Mine

“No matter what your business is, be very clear on your brand identity, your mission and message, and who your target audience is. You can’t be all things to all people, and that’s OK”.

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I love to present, write and contribute within the health and wellness space. I also thrive on creative collaborations through events, workshops and speaker series. There is movement and sweat which is important, but there is SO MUCH MORE that makes up a happy, heathy, lifestyle such as mental health, financial freedom, sleep performance, nutrition, relationships, recovery and more….



Concept creation from design to build from the ground up. Worked with architects and builders as well as AV specialists to create five immersive studios under one roof, open gym, co-working lounge, luxury locker rooms, recovery amenities and more. Second step was creating signature programming and hiring top talent Program Directors to run and manage each studio as well as personal training lead and team. Brought in the rest of the management team and hired all staff. Onboarded and designed, along with my marketing team, gym system software and CRM and company app.

Created culture, brand, mission, and messaging along with directing operations, overseeing programming, sales, member communication, marketing, advertising, and social media. Used my expansive network within the fitness and wellness space for special events, speaker series, workshops plus creative curation of retail space with fitness apparel, branded merchandise as well as healthy snacks and refreshments. Also oversee our ambassador program to help leverage and grow the brand.


Co-Founder of SoulBody Fitness Global a Group Fitness Certification and Subscription based company that offers “boutique-style”, progressive, choregraphed programming to Big Box gyms. I was the co-creator/choreographer of the SoulBody Method. As co-founder, I wore multiple hats including programming and brand creation, design and curation of the SoulBody Training curricula and training materials as well as a subscription process via a proprietary portal. Hired and managed all staff and coaches, oversaw all marketing channels, wrote the monthly SoulBody newsletter as well as multiple articles as an industry specialist. Attended various fitness conferences as a speaker and presenter.


M.A. in Integrated Design

University of Baltimore
This program integrated conceptual thinking, design,
professional writing, and research across multiple forms of media.

B.A. in English/Speech Communications

University of Maryland
Focus on writing and public relations


With my focused work ethic and entrepreneurial
experience founding and running a global company,
as well as co-developing and opening a new boutique
concept, I’m eager to continue to expand with
creative partnerships to help inspire people to
reach their full potential.


To stay ahead of the curve, experience and sift through the latest trends and to continue to discover new products and services from my travels. All for the betterment of humankind.

Ann Marie Barbour